This assessment was created to give students a sense of where they are in knowing their future educational and career plans.

Read each question before answering. Upon completion, add up your score and record it in the "Total Score" box.

Strongly Agree = 5 pts      Agree = 4 pts     Neutral = 3 pts     Disagree = 2 pts     Strongly Disagree = 1 pt


Student Assessment


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I sometimes wonder who I really am and what I have to offer.

I have only vague ideas about what career would be most meaningful and rewarding for me.

I change my mind when it comes to what I really want to do with my life.

I don’t have a clear path and next steps on how to fulfill my dreams through my education and career.

I would be excited to have a clear “roadmap” for my next steps in life.

It would be helpful to explore how I can get paid to do what I am most passionate about.

I would like to get greater clarity on my personal dream and how I can stay motivated to turn the dream into reality through my education and/or career.

I tend to have many different interests.

I would benefit from having someone guide me through a process of exploring what the “best me” looks like.

I have only vague ideas about what college major or grad school focus would fit my interests, passions, skills and aptitudes.

 Total score:

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