DirectionNOW Curriculum

“Looking inward is 85 percent of the process of finding proper direction; 15 percent is the application to career choices.” ~Author Dan Miller
(Dan Miller, 48 Days to The Work You Love,)

The DirectionNOW curriculum has been created 
to foster both self-discovery and guided coaching. 

It offers step by step structure for the participant to do their"inner study (What's in me? What can I do best?) and combine that with "outer study"What's available? What can I do next?

The goal is to intentionally help each student arrive at a clear understanding of how THEY can be passionate, purposeful and productive in their callings and vocations - THEN move forward with confidence and clarity once they know what that looks like.

With that in mind, when the participant completes the process, they will have 9 "Direction Statements" to act as a road map for their choices of learning, livelihood or life!  

The order of curriculum utilizes the acrostic D-I-R-E-C-T-I-O-N to accomplish that goal.   

reams - Interests and Passions - Recognized Skills - Educational Aptitudes - Character - Team - Income - Opportunities - Next Steps. 

The following diagram illustrates how each of these components builds upon one another to create a clear and concise picture detailing the participant's calling!

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