DirectionNOW offers coaching programs for individuals, academic institutions, and churches!

Individual coaching program:

For students who are interested in the DirectionNOW program, and are not participating as part of an acedemic or church program, can take advantage of the personal individual coaching program which includes:


  • Complete DirectionNOW curriculum
  • (6) 50 minute coaching sessions
  • Full DirectionNOW curriculum
  • Sessions held either in person or via Skype
  • Convenient payment options

For academic institutions and churches:

DirectionNOW partners with academic institutions and churches to offer individual and group coaching sessions at reduced rates.  Our desire is that all students and 20 somethings be able to participate in the DirectionNOW program; therefore, our sessions are held on campus during school hours. 

DirectionNOW coaching programs offered through academic institutions or churches include:

Individual sessions:

  • Complete DirectionNOW curriculum
  • (6) 45-50 minute coaching sessions
  • Personalized one on one coaching with a certified DirectionNOW coach
  • Convenient payment options    

Group sessions:

  • Small group size (3 to 5 students)
  • Complete DirectionNOW curriculum
  • (7) 45-50 minute coaching sessions
  • Group interaction thus building community

Add on individual coaching:

In addition to the above programs, DirectionNOW offers further one on one coaching sessions for those wishing to continue coaching beyond the program(s).  These sessions can be held either in person or via Skype.

50 minute sessions

Customized coaching programs:

Lastly, DirectionNOW offers an array of customized programs to meet the needs of larger academic institutions and churches.  Contact us, using the form below, and we will connect with you as soon as possible!

What are the benefits of DirectionNOW? 
  • Save time pursuing options that are tailored to your needs
  • Save money by targeting educational focus
  • Define a clear and concise plan of action to avoid the stress of confusion
  • Gives clarity to “I’m not sure what I’m going to do after high school/college”

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