Parents, should your son or daughter participate in DirectionNOW?
Does your son or daughter know what they should do next?
How much time and money will it cost you if they don't?

Use this assessment to determine if DirectionNOW can help answer those questions.

Read each question before answering. Upon completion, add up your score and record it in the "Total Score" box.

Strongly Agree = 5 pts      Agree = 4 pts     Neutral = 3 pts     Disagree = 2 pts     Strongly Disagree = 1 pt


 Parent Assessment


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Your son or daughter would benefit from having greater clarity in what they are uniquely gifted to accomplish.

You have not heard your son or daughter articulate what they want to do for a career with clarity and/or confidence.

Your son or daughter has only vague ideas about what college major or grad school would fit their interests, passions, skills and aptitudes.

Your son or daughter tends to have many different interests. 

You could see your son or daughter changing their mind about a major or career desire (or they already have) after having spent significant time a money.

I would be more excited to help financially support them if they had a clearer "roadmap" for their next steps.

I would be excited to meet with a coach who could honestly articulate the gifts, abilities and passions my son or daughter exhibits.

I would be excited to have my son or daughter learn how to get paid to do what they are most passionate about.

I would be willing to invest some time and resources in a process that helped my son or daughter gain focus and intentionality before spending more money on education or watching them flounder in a career.

I would not be happy if I watched my son or daughter get "sold" on a major or career direction that did not fit who they were at their best. 

 Total score:

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